Lighthouse Kids

Sundays 10:30am

Ages 0 - Grade 5 in Education Wing

We believe in the next generation.  We want kids to know who God from the earliest of ages.  We build our services around three key themes:

  • Children will know God.
  • Children will be safe.
  • Children will have fun!

The first question parents ask their kids when they come to FLC kids for the first time is, "Did you have fun?"  And we want all kids to answer with an ecstatic YES! every time.  When kids have fun they are open to learn to about God.  We also know that safety is a top prority to all families and we do to.  We do all we can to keep our kids safe.

Secure Check-in & Pick-up required by parent or guardian.

Revive Youth

Wednesdays 7pm

Grades 6 - 12 in Education Wing

Revive is our student ministries here at FLC.  This is a place where students can have fun in a positive environment.  Music, games & relevant teaching for teens.  Lasting friendships, silly games, camps and retreats, are all a part of Revive!

Its our vision to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome & connected through discipleship, while giving the opportunity to serve, reach & meet the needs of people in the community around us.

Bring your friends!

Clubhouse Kids

Wednesdays 7pm

Grades 1 - 5 in the Clubhouse

Boys & Girls learn practical skills and study the bible in fun ways.  

Our kids love it!